Lancaster School of
Tai Chi Chuan

• Classical Yang Style •

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese discipline that strives to cultivate the mind and the body through martial training, meditation and exercise.

When practiced regularly, Tai Chi provides extraordinary health benefits, improves balance, flexibility and strength while calming the spirit and reducing stress.

We hold local Tai Chi classes which are suitable for all levels of physical ability and experience. Please see the instructor information page for details of which class would be most suitable for you.

Much of Tai Chi is practiced in a slow, mindful way which provides a good workout without inflicting high impact stress on the body. This makes Tai Chi accessible to everyone, including those recovering from injury or suffering from joint conditions.

As well as our regular classes and because of the great benefits of Tai Chi practice, the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan can also arrange specialist sessions for any interested groups.

If you would prefer a private class on a one-to-one basis this can also be arranged.

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