Instructor information

Paul Florkowski

Teacher and Founder
07708 896334

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Paul has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan since 1995 and founded the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan in 2002. He is passionate about maintaining the essence of Old Yang Style Tai Chi, a rarer line passed down through Yang Shou-hou, the brother of Yang Cheng-Fu.

Paul has also been teaching a private group called simply: 'Martial Arts - Principles and Applications'. In this group he has taught instructors and practitioners from various martial arts backgrounds, including Kung-fu, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo and Aikido, and also security professionals.

Due to the material taught, there will be a casual, informal interview for applicants.

Larry Jones

Student Teacher
07579 965016

I am a registered practitioner at Dacrelands Natural Health Centre and a senior student at the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan.

I came into Tai Chi from a background of social care and psychotherapy and work using Tai Chi as a therapeutic and rehabilitating / self empowering tool as well as teaching Tai Chi for self defence. Having studied in psychotherapy for five years I became more and more convinced in the therapeutic value of Tai Chi not only as an effective body therapy but also as an affordable form of pro active self healing.

Alongside daily studies at the Lancaster School I have taken studies with other Tai Chi schools and teachers and have gained skills in teaching a Tai Chi for Arthritis and the elderly and guiding a Neurolymphatic internal workout. I hold a diploma in Tai Chi for seated and rehabilitating students having studied a course primarily aimed at teaching Tai Chi for nursing homes and hospital wards.

I continue in studies once a month in advanced teacher training under the guidance of Mark Peters, Vice President of the World Association of Tai Chi Chuan. I run a class at the local Neuro Drop In Centre for all neurological rehabilitation and also at the over fifties youth club in Morecambe. I run a practical and immediate self defence class for all, whether wheelchair bound or octogenarian, teaching simple and effective defence/attack.

We have group classes at the Quaker Meeting House on Tuesdays and Fridays for QiGong and Tai Chi, and on Thursdays for self defence. I offer a one-to-one workout for students needing more detailed attention incorporating stress relief techniques and dietry guidance alongside any other emotional or psychotherapeutic needs the student may wish to explore. As an approved member of the Ethical Small Trader Association I work closely with other practioners in the Health and Well Being sector to nurture and maintain a comprehensively holistic study to the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

Steven Kidd

Student Teacher
07850 018763

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan - The River Room

I will be teaching students the Yang Cheng Fu long form, qigong, push hands and various martial drills and applications to further the students' understanding of the form. There will also be a strong focus on good stance work, breathing, posture and alignment.

Available for regular classes at the River Room, Halton Mill and private sessions either at the Mill or a suitable space. Please contact me directly for further information. Students who are more advanced are advised to contact Paul Florkowski for further training. Thank you.